Wulf Gabriel finds himself between a rock and a hard place. While his superstar status in the Tarthian Empire has kept him employed, it has also linked him with an agent set on taking Wulf for everything he’s worth. When it becomes apparent that it’s not just Wulf’s career at stake, but also his young life, he will have to bite the bullet and seek help with the one man he never wanted to cross paths with again, Luc Saint-Cyr.

Luc Saint-Cyr is known by many names; the Man and the Harbinger by most, and Luc by those close to him. He is feared by many and befriended by few. Luc misses Wulf being in his life, but has kept his distance out of respect and love. Their past is ladled with good and bad times. But it’s one painfully deep memory that has kept Wulf full of contempt.

Will Wulf find the strength to move beyond the past and focus on the future? Does Luc have what it takes to regain Wulf’s trust?

Wulf is part of the Tales of the Chosen series. Kayelle Allen writes a story about love, sacrifice, and forgiveness in Wulf. Luc is tall, dark and dangerous. With centuries of living under his belt, Luc knows just what he is seeking in a lover and recognizes those attributes in Wulf. Wulf is handsome and sweet. The poor man had me humming “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places”. It felt as if he had a magnet for the unworthy tied to his back. Watching him submit to Luc was like watching a hot knife melt through butter, and their chemistry is perfectly balanced. Ms. Allen blends action, drama, suspense, and highly erotic encounters throughout this wonderfully written story. Wulf is a definite page turner, sure to please fans and newcomers alike.

Reviewed by: NeNe