Byte Marks

When your best friend needs your shoulder to cry on, you go immediately, even if she is in San Francisco and you’re in Boston. Dominique LaPierre, witch in denial, decided to take a vacation to help out her best friend, Lilith, a ghoul. Dominique has tried to distance herself from her witchy relatives, and she has denied practicing her craft. Even in her business, she has achieved her success without magical intervention. When she meets Antoine Thierry, Vampire and owner of the vampire club, Club Red, what is it about him that draws her in like a nail to a magnet? Why is he so against the new business plan that Dominique and Lilith put into action to assist singles of every community find a mate?

Hold on tight because here we go on a fast paced sensual ride through the lives of three paranormal communities in Byte Marks. Dominique seemed to very headstrong and could have been what made her so successful. Lilith seemed to spend more time assisting everyone in her family and community instead of taking the time for herself and finding Mr. Right. Antoine seemed to be “God’s Gift to Women”. He seemed really sure of his and every other vampire’s ability to find a mate or someone to warm their bed nightly. Dominique was a gem because she made Antonio curious about who and what she was without resorting to use a gift that she knew if she used, it would require something from her in return. I enjoyed the way Dominique made sure that she and Antonio would discuss business after their pleasure was seen to first. Ms. Ballou’s novel is one that will have you cheering on the heroine and wanting to smack the hero a few times to get his attention into the current century.

Reviewed by: Shira