Chasing Shadows

Juliana Westwood is a successful financial planner and secretly a psychic that helps out the police on the side. She has just moved back to San Jose after being gone twelve years when she has a prophetic dream about the kidnapping of a young girl. Juliana never imagined that this dream, this case, would put her back into direct contact with the only man she has every loved, Alex MacKenzie. Alex is a police lieutenant and the childís uncle. Juliana broke Alexís heart when she disappeared twelve years ago and he would never let her anywhere near his life if he didnít need her help to find his niece. Will Juliana and Alex be able to get forget the past long enough to find the missing little girl? And what, if anything, will they do with the emotions and chemistry that still encircle them every time they come into contact with each other?

I loved Chasing Shadows by Erin Richards. It kept my heart racing, my palms tingling, and my emotions swirling through the entire story. I liked the characters of Juliana and Alex right away and felt that they had been given a raw deal in the past and I was happy they would finally have the chance to figure out they belong together; if they are not too hard-headed and independent to recognize that they need each other. Unfortunately, they still have to learn to trust one another to have anything to build on and there is a lot of baggage from the past. But even as I was hopeful for Juliana and Alex to renew their romance, I realized that the trauma and emotional stress they were under trying to find Alexís niece made the timing all wrong for their relationship. And there is the bad guy who is wonderfully evil. I didnít figure out who was behind the kidnapping until Alex got the final clue that told him who it is. Then it was a race to get to the bad guy before he could harm the little girl or find Juliana and harm her. This story was masterfully written and illustrates just what a frightfully good imagination the author has to work with. Iím looking forward to further works by this talented author! If you looking for a pulse pounding suspense with romance and evil villains, then I highly recommend Chasing Shadows by Erin Richards!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.