Perfect Timing

Daisy Leaf thinks she is attending a sixties murder mystery weekend with bellbottom pants and tie-died shirts. When she arrives at Bedlingham Manor, she discovers it is a weekend for people over sixty. The only thing saving her weekend is the gorgeous hotel manager who looks at her with a little more than just interest. Maybe he will discover she is wearing red lace under her costume? Jake wants Daisy from the moment she stumbles into his hotel. The problem is that Jake is in a competition with his brother to prove he is mature and responsible and he promised not to mess with any of the guests for six months. Jake loves all women and has a bit of a reputation to live down but there is something special about Daisy that he canít resist. When Jake and Daisy decide to play, they find a lot more than either of them bargained for!

Perfect Timing by Barbara Elsborg is a cute, charming, funny, and yet sensual and erotic tale of two people who discover love isnít something you can plan and it can knock you for a loop. The character of Daisy starts out a little klutzy and silly but it is a misimpression; she is really intelligent and knows her own mind. She is just overwhelmed by her instant sexual attraction to Jake. Jake on the other hand has the reputation of a hound dog and is trying to change his ways but he never expected to have to resist a woman like Daisy! The couple doesnít resist their attraction for long and when they come together it is explosive and much more than either of them ever expected. Now they canít get enough of each other but with Jake needing to hide his interest and involvement and Daisy not willing to be hidden they have a lot of obstacles to overcome if this is to become more than just a sexual release type of relationship. Plus, everything about their relationship moves so fast how can they possibly know the other person so there are trust issues too? I enjoyed this book and will look for other titles by Ms. Elsborg in the future. I like her style and sense of humor in this book!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.