Biting Nixie

Nixie Schmeling is a five foot, hundred pound spitfire of woman. She dresses like a punk rocker, not an easy task when you have to shop in the children’s section, and who revels in being unconventional. When she is volunteered to run the town’s fundraising event she balks at first, especially when she discovers that the event is to raise money to hire some stiffed-suit of a lawyer from Boston. Attorney Julian Emerson has come to town to help save Meiers Corners from being annexed by Chicago. Or at least that’s what most of the townsfolk believe…but a few know that it is much more sinister than a simple annexation.

Biting Nixie is biting in so many ways, not just because a few of its main characters are dentally challenged. Filled with bitingly acerbic humor, endearingly quirky characters, and smolderingly hot vampires Biting Nixie kept me enthralled from the opening salvo. Mary Hughes is a talented writer and in my opinion has a bright future in the field if Biting Nixie is an accurate representation of her style. Even the character names were hilarious, and as Nixie pointed out several times, names have power. Julian is such a good vampire name, antique sounding, evocative of a bygone romantic era. That you get a worsted wool wearing, strait laced lawyer that is as handsome as a bronzed god makes it an even better name. It becomes an even sexier name as Nixie slowly peels away the layers of his three piece suit to reveal the barely contained savage that it hides. Nixie was probably my favorite character, I will admit that her mishmash of cultural references and sometimes overly effusive verbiage was a bit much at times, but at others I couldn’t stop the giggles and would have to read select quotes aloud to my husband. Mary Hughes has built a fabulously detailed world enriched with captivatingly capricious secondary characters. I feel no hesitation in giving Mary Hughes and Biting Nixie 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!

Reviewed by: Hayley