Jestine “Jess” Darnell is on a humanitarian mission to find help for the peaceful planet Phidia, which has been captured by the vicious warlord Ayandos. But suddenly, Jess is in trouble as well, when her hyperspeedster begins to break down in space. Luckily, Jess is saved by a passing spaceship, the Destiny. Jess finds herself on the horns of a dilemma, for in spite of her attraction to the ship’s second-in-command, Kerry Marchant, at first she feels she cannot tell him the truth about her mission. When she finally does tell the Destiny’s crew the truth, they agree to go with her to save Phidia, but the mission goes terribly awry. Jess’s life will never be the same afterward.

Science fiction novels generally follow one of three themes, and this one is a perfect example of the adventure theme. The heroine is on a quest for her true love, and she travels throughout space in search of him. Along the way, she has many adventures, which teach her things she needs to know about herself and her companions. The author plotted the story so that everything ties together in the end, which I like in a book. Readers will be interested in knowing that Starquest is heavy on the science fiction and light on the love scenes; this is definitely a “sweet” romance. I thought the characters were a bit cool and distant, and I had to work at getting into the story at the beginning. Fortunately, I quickly became engrossed in Jess’s adventures and finished the book in one sitting.

Reviewed by: Jean