By the Book

Amanda Barrington is at the beginning of a new life, moving to a new town and relocating her business has her hands full, she doesnít have room for a new love. But the second she opens her front door to find Jonah Sutter on the other side everything changes.

Jonah Sutter isnít a forever guy but if Amanda is willing to indulge in some hot no strings action then heís the man for the job. The old wiring in Amandaís house isnít the only thing in risk of going up in flames.

Whatís an ex-military soldier to do when someone threatens Amandaís safety? Stick to her like glue, thatís what. With danger and desire surrounding them Jonah and Amanda discover more than faulty wiring and a murderous thief but will they find the courage to face their feelings before itís all taken away?

By The Book is the sixth book in the Jamesville series by N.J. Walters and again I find myself falling in love with the little town and its citizens Ms. Walters has taken us back to again and again. I love visiting old friends and making new ones. Both Jonah and Amanda have been to Jamesville before and I have to admit that the second Jonah made an appearance I knew Ms. Walters would be writing his story. Thereís just something about him that makes you want to spend time with him. I loved Amanda in her brief appearance in The Seduction Of Shamus OíRourke, and was more than happy when Ms. Walters brought her back to Jamesville and matched her with Jonah. The sparks fly from the second that door is open and throw in a little life or death drama and youíre on the edge of your seat and breathing hard. I was already a fan of Ms. Walters and thereís no question in my mind that I will be for life. Pick up any of her books and you will be too but be sure not to miss By The Book.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.