Carnal Harvest

Whatís a man to do when he thinks heís no longer man enough to give his wife what she needs? If youíre Hake Stivers and you love your wife as much as he does you find someone to do it for you. Asking his cousin Brent to give Mandy one of her fantasies is the first step in an afternoon of carnal fulfillment Hake would never have dreamed of. Brent and his friend Joe set out to deliver and while Hake watches Mandy gets what she deserves, he discovers some things about himself heíd never known. Taking control and giving it up turns into the hottest sex Hake and Mandy have ever experienced, but will this one day of fantasy destroy their marriage or make it stronger?

Carnal Harvest is scorching hot. If you like you them hot and sticky then you cannot go past this book by Robin L. Rotham. Hakeís feelings of inadequacy lead him and Mandy into the most carnal sex theyíve ever had, and itís not like they arenít adventurous to begin with. Brent and Joe are used to indulging in the type of sex Hake asks them to offer Mandy and these boys certainly donít hold back. When the tables are turned and Hake finds himself far more involved than he dreamed he would be youíre left with singed eyeballs. Ms. Rotham has no trouble keeping the love and trust between Mandy and Hake very much a part of the whole fantasy. Yes, thereís super hot sex but what grabbed me was the relationship between these two, itís deep and solid and both are prepared to give the other anything their heart desires. Ms. Rotham doesnít leave out Brent and Joe, they might not be part of the relationship but the respect and friendship between all of the key players in the book is obvious and adds to its depth. Carnal Harvest was a lovely surprise that delivered more than just a hot roll in the hay.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.