Devils on Horseback: Zeke

Can a man whoís lived in the bottom a bottle for the last year uphold law and order in a town struggling to recover from its darkest hour? The people of Tanger, Texas are about to find out because theyíve just appointed Zeke Blackwood sheriff. A man with untold scars and demons, will he be able to save himself as well as the town?

Naomi Tucker has had her share of tragedy but sheíd pulled herself up and done what was needed to survive, and when she lands a halfway decent job in the town saloon she just might have found a place to start her future. But meeting the new sheriff and being attracted to him just isnít in her plan.

With the chemistry between them undeniable, Zeke and Naomi start a secret affair that just might destroy them both, thatís if the newly arrived members of the community donít first.

Iíll confess to having the first in this wonderful series in my to-be-read pile. I have the second on my Christmas wish list and now Iíve read the third for review, and Iím so mad at myself for waiting this long to read what I have and grab the other. Beth Williamson knows cowboys; in fact Iím beginning to wonder if she might be one. Theyíre so real you could touch them. Iíve read a couple of her other books and now the name. Beth Williamson is firmly stamped on my must buy list. Devils on Horseback Ė Zeke held me in its grip from the minute I opened it. Zeke is so wounded, so raw, and so appealing that I just couldnít put the book down. Ms. Williamson crafts a story of hardship in a time when hardship was pretty much the name of the game. Her skill at delivering an engaging story is admirable and her characters are no less appealing. Naomiís grit and determination in the face of all sheís lost is obvious as is her struggle with her attraction to a man she knows she shouldnít want or have is unmistakable. As each of them struggle with their pasts they forge a relationship that could save them both. Iím more than looking forward to which devil Ms. Williamson will wrangle with next and heading off to spend some time with the ones Iíve been neglecting. Donít make the same mistake I did, pick up the Devils on Horseback series by Beth Williamson today.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.