Going For It

For years Sam Taylor has gone without something she’s lusted for. Riley Scott. But now that the only other thing in her live she craves with passion, her bar, has been pulled out from under her Sam is going after Riley. Seducing him into her bed for some hot sex is something she’s never had the courage to do before, but now that she has lost everything she’ll get what she’s always wanted from Riley. It’s one final thing to do before she leaves town broke and broken.

Riley knows he’s not a forever guy that’s why he’s never taken his attraction for Sam any further than friendship. Crossing that line would lose him the one thing he treasures most in his life-Sam. But Riley’s done something that will destroy that anyway, so when Sam comes onto him, selfish jerk that he is, he’s not about to knock her back. One night of explosive sex has Riley realizing he’s chasing the wrong dream, it’s not the bar he wants, it’s Sam.

Buying the bar out from under her was bad but watching her walk away was worse.

Going For It by Elle Kennedy is a fast sexy read. Sam and Riley are well matched and Ms. Kennedy has the sparks flying between them from the start. There’s plenty of flirting and plenty of teasing but then there’s the payoff. These two burn up the sheets, and the pool table and the shower. A romp in the sack is what Sam’s after and that’s exactly what she gets. Sam goes in with her eyes open but is blindsided when Riley reveals what he’s done, she never really believed she had any hope for a life with him but that one thing crushes any little dreams she may have harbored. I loved the way Riley is misguided in his idea of what he needs to make him happy. Ms. Kennedy does a great job of opening Riley’s eyes with a little help from Sam of course. Going For It is a satisfying read and I’ll be watching for other work by Ms. Kennedy.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.