Have Yourself a Naughty Little Santa

The little town of Evergreen is THE Christmas town. They pride themselves on their family values and no crime and every year when the tourists roll in for that magical Christmas season Evergreen pulls out all the stops. But times are tough and with bad winter weather keeping tourists away and with them valuable life sustaining funds for the last few years, Evergreen is in trouble. With loans being called in and a developer trying to buy them out the locals will need more than their community spirit to save their little slice of magic.

Kimberly Michaels is all about the job. Her job is to find Evergreen’s weaknesses and expose them so her company can buy out the whole town and turn it into a money makers dream. She may be a shark in the corporate world but throw her into a little town like Evergreen and she’s ill prepared for the people or the community spirit that binds them together, not to mention the sexiest man she’s ever met playing havoc with her mind, body, and maybe even her heart. Can she keep Ricco Maza at arm’s length long enough to do her job or will he get so far under her skin she’ll be forced to make a choice between the life she has and the one Ricco and Evergreen can offer?

Have Yourself A Naughty Little Santa by Karin Tabke is one of the best contemporary romances I’ve read in a while. Ms. Tabke had me pulled in from the first page and I couldn’t put the book down. It was perfect for the five hour bus ride I was on and I really hated saying goodbye when I turned the last page. The town of Evergreen and it’s multitude of colorful characters are so alive, from their quaint little shops to their quirky personalities, Ms. Tabke does a brilliant job of bring her story to life with intrigue, danger, love, and lust she spins a tale of small town life gone awry. Ricco is the perfect hero, he’s loyal, loving, and more than lust inspiring and pairing him with Kimberly was a stroke of genius. They spark in more ways than one and watching them get tangled up in each other was a thrill. Seeing them fight out their opposing aims while becoming ensnared by each other had me on the edge of my seat. Have Yourself A Naughty Little Santa is definitely one for the keeper shelf and has convinced me to buy all of Ms. Tabke’s other books.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.