Hot in the Saddle: Conn Ďní Caleb

Caleb Russell is the last single man standing in his family, and heís happy to stay that way. Unlike his brothers he doesnít want to complicate his life. But when a woman falls from the sky landing on top of his kayak, itís not the lung full of water that has him speechless. Conn is nothing like the women heís known, and why would she be, sheís not from the world as he knows it. With her quirky ways and thirst for knowledge itís soon apparent that the seducer has become the seduced and things go from hot to hotter in the blink of an eye whenever Conn is near. When things beyond their control threaten to pull them apart is their new found love strong enough to keep them together, or will Caleb be destined to remain a bachelor forever?

Ciana Stoneís Hot in the Saddle series is a must read for me and this latest and final book is no different. Conn Ďní Caleb is book four and if you havenít read the others youíre missing out but itís not a problem, each can be read on their own but I dare you to read just one. Ms. Stone has a way with cowboys; Iíd love to see what inspires her hunky heroes because I gotta say you havenít read hot until youíre read one of hers. Caleb is one smokiní hot man and lives up to the Russell name. I knew Ms. Stone would need to pull out something special for his match and Conn is gorgeous. Her innocence and the joy she finds in things is captivating and the pleasure she finds with Caleb downright enthralling. Ms. Stone weaves an intriguing tale and her other world building is memorable; she twines it seamlessly with the one we know until you find yourself looking at everyone twice. If Conn Ďní Caleb isnít on your to buy list it should be.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.