Scarlet And The Sheriff

Victoria Monroe has spent her whole life moving on, so when she catches her fiancé cheating on her she doesn’t think twice she just hightails it out of town. Getting caught in Lovestruck Tennessee without a car or money isn’t in the plan, neither is the hunky sheriff who makes her want things she shouldn’t. But if Tory thought giving the sheriff a false name was the worst of her crimes she’s in for a shock when her ex has warrants for her arrest issued.

Rand Hart knows ‘Scarlet’ is lying, and with her caught in his town without transport he’ll be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get into anymore trouble. It has nothing to do with the trouble he’d like to get into with her, but if the only way to keep her on the straight and narrow is to give her something to make trouble with then he’ll lay his body on the line, all in the name of duty or course. Can Rand convince Scarlet he’s worth staying for before she goes on the run again?

Scarlet And The Sheriff by Carly Carson is a fun, sexy read. I loved Scarlet, watching her talk her way out of one tight spot after another had me smiling and eagerly turning pages to see what trouble she’d get into next. Rand is one hunky sheriff and if you’re going to be stuck in a town without a way to leave you want one just like him to help you out. They spark off each other from the beginning and once things started heating up there was no stopping them. The sex is hot but also emotional, the feelings and trust weaved in to each word and gesture. Ms. Carson’s voice is light and flirty and I really enjoyed taking time out to read Scarlet And The Sheriff. She delivers an entertaining read, one well worth spending your money on.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.