Tall, Dark, and Texan

Whispering Mountain Ranch means everything to Teagen McMurray, he’ll do anything to protect it. When Widow Jessie Barton and her three little girls find their way to him Teagen offers them a place to rest out of loyalty to his friend, Jessie’s dead husband. But when her and her children are threatened he offers marriage and with it his protection, it has nothing to do with the way the young widow makes him feel.

Jessie Barton buries her husband and with him the safe life she and her daughters had. The one hope she has for keeping them all together and safe is Teagen McMurray, but Jessie is keeping secrets. Secrets that when revealed could destroy the new life and love her and the girls have found at Whispering Mountain Ranch. Will she have the courage to stand and face the only man she’s ever loved knowing it could rip away all that she’s found?

Tall, Dark, and Texan is the third book in the Whispering Mountain series by Jodi Thomas. Having not read the first two books in this series I found myself so thoroughly enjoying Teagen and Jessie’s story and Ms. Thomas’ style that I’ve already purchased the first, Texas Rain. Ms. Thomas brings the harsh realities of ranching life and the difficult times of the late 1800’s to life with such vivid imagery that at times my mouth felt dusty. Generally I’m not a fan of historical novels but Tall, Dark, and Texan has sold me and Ms. Thomas has proven she’s an author to look for in the future. Jessie’s heartbreaking tale unfolds as we find our way to Whispering Mountain Ranch and Teagen, from her struggles we find a strength of character that she herself is often not aware of. Her love and devotion are evident in everything she does but she gives without expecting anything in return and this, I think, is what endeared her to me the most. Teagen on the other hand is one tough loner, allowing no one close but his siblings and the man he’s been corresponding by mail with for years. Watching him turn soft under Jessie’s attentions and those of her daughters, while remaining the man he needs to be to keep his ranch alive was breathtaking and I enjoyed every word of it. Ms. Thomas has scored herself a fan for life with Tall, Dark, and Texan.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.