Guilty Needs

The day Alyssa died wasn’t easy on anyone. For Bree this meant losing a best friend. For Colby it meant losing a wife and it meant loneliness for both of them. Somehow Alyssa knew Bree and Colby belonged together after she’s gone. So the day before she dies she makes Bree promise to take care of Colby, but this promise isn’t one that Bree can keep. Especially after Colby takes off for parts unknown for an entire year. Can they get through the grief and loss to see the potential for more?

I love Shiloh Walker and Guilty Needs cements that! This novella has it all. It starts off with Alyssa’s death. The grief Bree and Colby feel becomes so palpable it makes you sympathize with both characters right from the start. Bree’s quiet strength in the face of adversity is admirable, making it quite apparent just how great a friend she was to Alyssa. I loved the fact that she seemed to handle things better than Colby, at least in the beginning. Having him take off was ingenious, in that it said without words that Colby internalized his grief, which said a lot about his character. Guilty Needs is not to be missed.

Reviewed by: April