Cattleman’s Club 1: Patton’s Way

Patton Jones is tired of pretending to be someone she’s not. For years she’s deceived the Davis brothers knowing they’d never see her as anything more than their ‘sister’. She’s contented herself with what they’ve offered. But now they know and are determined to bend her back into the woman they think she should be.

Patton isn’t about to go back to pretending and when she discovers secrets the Davis men have been keeping she knows she’s more than enough woman to give them their darkest desires. Patton is shocked by her body’s reaction to what the brothers can offer, even if they’re unwilling to offer it all she’s not about to let them back off.

Using deception and manipulation Patton sets out to get what she wants; Chase, Slade and Devin. Forced by Patton’s schemes, the Davis brothers make a decision that changes all their lives forever.

Patton’s Way is the first book in the Cattleman’s Club series by author Jenny Penn. From beginning to end this book scorches, taking a walk on the wild side never felt this good for Patton. She may have lusted after the Davis brothers all of her adult life but they’ve never looked at her as more than a little sister. But once the brothers discover the secret she’s been keeping it isn’t long before more secrets are revealed, secrets that change the way they look at her. Ms. Penn does a brilliant job of weaving the lust and love these four have for each other into a tale that does more than titillate. Her ability to engage the emotions of each character and bring them out in the open keeps this from being just a book about kinky sex. Sure there’s plenty of that, but it’s the deep emotions and love flowing through that turn this into a story worth reading. It’s a fine line for an author to walk when portraying any BDSM lifestyle but Ms. Penn does it well and at no stage did any of it come across in a negative way. She explored the trust involved in such a relationship with skill and I thoroughly enjoyed Patton’s submission to her three masters. I also enjoyed the way Patton’s very independent, stubborn nature wasn’t compromised in any way by her submission in the bedroom. Her body was more than happy to hand over her pleasure but her mind and spirit were never broken. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment of Ms. Penn’s Cattleman’s Club series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.