Daisy is a shadow dancer and Swank Hotel’s biggest draw card. Every night the Seduction Lounge fills up with people waiting for the sexy dancer to perform. Sebastian Collins wants to tempt Daisy into working for him; he’s not looking to get her into his bed, just his failing club. After watching her perform, Sebastian is more determined to have her and not just in his club.

But Daisy has a secret, one that she keeps from the world by living in the safety of the Swank Hotel, one she’s not willing to reveal. When her best friend offers Daisy one night as a normal woman she can’t resist the desire to be with Sebastian, even if it means she craves him more than before. Sebastian isn’t about to give up Daisy but when the truth is revealed will the heat burning between them be doused?

Hidden is the first book in the Sin City Shifters series by Karen Erickson, and what a great introduction. Ms. Erickson steams up the pages with ease, her characters are not only intriguing, they’re captivating. Her Swank Hotel can easily be pictured on the corner of any Vegas street and the ‘freaks’ that populate it all too believable. The heat between Daisy and Sebastian sizzles and burns its way from one page to the next, even when they’re not in the same room. Ms. Erickson has penned a tale that titillates not just the body but the mind as well; with engaging characters she draws you into her world of misfits while burning out your retinas with some seriously hot sex. Don’t miss this latest offering from a great writer. I’m eagerly waiting for the next installment of this great new series and I know I’m guaranteed to get my fingers burned when I get my hands on it.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.