Hot Rodeo Night

When seriously uptight reporter Jamie Benson finds herself banished to a small Montana town for sticking to her journalist’s code of not revealing sources, the last thing she expects to do is have to interview a dusty rodeo cowboy. But she’s not about to let her boss see her squirm. With chin held high, Jamie sets out to find her man and get the interview over with. She never expected her man to find her, or the wonderful but scary reaction her body has to him.

Cade Wilson knew the second he spotted Jamie that he wanted her. He also knew it would take all his skills of seduction to unwind this wound up sexy woman. If he makes a wrong move she’ll run quicker than a wild horse on the open range but he’s more than up for the challenge and the price is greater than any he’s ever gone after.

Hot Rodeo Night is just what the title suggests—hot. Sage Burnett has you hot and sweaty in no time; her cowboy is smoldering and her heroine the perfect mix of uptight and sexy. Jamie has depths even she didn’t know were there and it’s not until the rough cowboy comes into her orbit does it begin to surface. I loved watching Cade bring out Jamie’s hidden vixen, and man when she let lose she lets go in a big way. Ms. Burnett doesn’t leave out the emotions in this hot little story, we really get to know Jamie and her inner struggle to accept the woman Cade brings out in her. Hot Rodeo Night is the perfect book for warming up your toes on a cold night.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.