Hot Shot

Peyton Michaels didnít think her latest assignment would be that hard but fighting a wildfire could just be the easy part. Writing articles about everyday heroes has never offered this much challenge or this much heat. But itís not just the fire that has things heating up. Gage Cooper, the man sheís come to observe is hotter than any fire she might come in contact with. Forced to run for their lives they must rely on each other to survive, but itís the attraction they canít deny that could prove the bigger danger.

Gabe doesnít want to get involved with another woman, still raw from his ex-wifeís betrayal; heís determined to ignore the feelings stirred to life by the reporter assigned to his team. But when Peyton shows sheís more than a pretty face, Gabe canít help admiring her strength and determination. Thrown together in one life threatening situation after another, the sparks between them soon start a fire neither of them can put out. With past hurts, denial and an arsonist to contend with will their connection grow stronger or will it disappear quicker than the forest around them?

My opinion of Hot Shot by M.J. Fredrick can be summed up in three words: GET THIS BOOK!!! Is it obvious I loved it? She had me sucked in from the first page and it wasnít until my eyes watered did I put the book down. It was 4am! Iíd gone to bed at 9pm planning to read for about one hour; didnít happen and if it wasnít for the fact that my leaky eyes threatened to short circuit my e-book reader Iíd have kept going. Ms. Fredrick delivers a romantic suspense that will knock your socks off. With her vivid description of the raging wildfire and her in-depth, complex characters she weaves a story of courage, determination, sacrifice, dedication and love that will live in my memory, and on my keeper shelf, forever. Peyton is gutsy but vulnerable and I enjoyed watching her grow to understand herself more as each page turned. Gabe had me in lust and a little in love from the second he hit the page. Should I mention a bit of a weakness for firemen? But what got me most about this book was the way it played in my head like a movie; it was there in full color, and all with just the flick of a page. I canít recommend Hot Shot enough and if you happen to come across this or any other book with Ms. Fredrickís name on it donít hesitate, pick it up and take to the register, then race home and lock the doors because if Hot Shot is anything to go by you wonít be coming up for air until the end.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.