Kaitlin’s Silver Lining

Kaitlin Kanatzer has learned the hard way that being dependant on a man is guaranteed to end in heartache. Determined to be the keeper of her own happiness and taking care of her own problems, she is not about to ask for help when she starts receiving threatening letters in the mail. But when a stranger turns up on her doorstep with her illegitimate niece in tow she’s ill equipped to stop him from taking over and discovering who’s responsible for the threats.

Bryce Stanton can’t take the mischievous behavior of the eleven year old girl he’s now guardian of. Thinking all she needs is some female guidance he seeks out her aunt, only to discover she’s anything but the feminine lady he expected. With her manly independence and her determination to advance the woman’s movement, Kaitlin is the last woman Bryce expects to fall for. But when the threat turns violent they’re forced to spend every second together and Bryce finds not just a woman worthy of his lust but one who matches him at every turn.

Kaitlin’s Silver Lining by Ciara Gold is part of her Romantic Treasures series and having read two of the other three, I can only say this is a series worth getting. Again Ms. Gold takes us back in time to explore a life a lot harder than our own. Her portrayal of the era is always full of color and three dimensional and her characters are people you’d expect to find walking down the boardwalk or sitting on a stool at the town saloon. Kaitlin at first appears the typical spinster but it’s soon revealed she’s anything but. Her heart has been frozen shut of her own choice and as Bryce, with the help of her niece Charley, slowly begins to thaw it, we see a different woman. One who’s been hurt before and scared to death of it happening again, the easiest way to stop it is to keep people at arm’s length. As they become more familiar with each other and fight against an enemy that wants Kaitlin dead, they discover that sometimes the heart opens without us knowing. Ms. Gold has again delivered a story of such depth that you find yourself anxiously awaiting the next step in the journey of these two unlikely lovers.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.