Wild Frontier

Lucas Trumble couldn’t be in a worse position. The people of Fairtrade believe the blame for the problems they’ve been suffering can be placed at the feet of Louisa Dupré, the woman they call a witch. As the sheriff it’s his job to see to their concerns, but as a man it’s to protect the woman he loves; Louisa.

When whispers of her and his best friend start circulating and a mob threaten to carry out their own brand of justice, Lucas heads to Louisa’s cabin on the outskirts of town, never dreaming he’d find her and Caleb Hawkins in the throes of passion. But something is wrong, Caleb is not the man Lucas knows and when Louisa explains what is wrong with Caleb he must decide to help or walk away.

Can Lucas put aside a lifetime of beliefs to help his best friend and keep the woman he loves?

Wild Frontier by Sienna Black tells the struggle of two men caught in situations they can’t control and the woman that loves them both. The struggle each of the characters go through is well written and we’re left in no doubt about their emotion and physical states. The heat generated by all three steams things up and the added suspense of the outside threat heightens the tension racing between them. Ms. Black’s description of Caleb’s change is vivid and the danger it poses all too real. Louisa’s one determined woman and she’ll accept nothing less than keeping both the men she loves in her life. Wild Frontier couldn’t be a more fitting title, this book is one wild ride into the imagination of Ms. Black and I’m thrilled I got to share it.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.