Clockwork Heart

In the city of Ondinium the people are divided up by class and are not allowed to mingle with the Exalteds but as an Icarus, Taya doesn’t have the same restrictions as everyone else. She gets to fly freely across the city of Ondinium, delivering messages to the Exalteds. During one such flight she rescues a woman and child from certain death. The woman and child are Exalteds and Taya’s intervention soon brings her into a world of danger and deception.

Taya soon begins to wonder if the accident involving the Exalteds was terrorism and promises to keep an eye out for anything that might lead to a suspect. She doesn’t have to look far as the danger is brought right to her and she must carefully decide who to trust with what she suspects.

Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti is an intriguing tale that pulls you into a fantasy world that is unlike any other. Ondinium is a place that one can easily picture in the future. It is run by the Great Engine, a mechanical engine that all programs and data are run through, it is the heart of the city and keeps things running smoothly. I was fascinated by Taya and her metal wings and thought that her interactions with Cristof were very alluring.

Reviewed by: Tammy