Shadows Beneath

When Tristan Price is called to Bauman Creek, Mississippi, to help catalogue and value an estate, he expects to find an experience at Evans House that will help him further his academic career. What he does not expect to find is a curse that spans generations and a secret so horrible that it could end his life and those of his colleagues.

Working with Professor Robert Bauman is the chance of a lifetime for Tristan, whose coworkers also include Professor Bauman’s grandson Jake. Jake dabbles in witchcraft and is purported to be mentally unstable and to have caused the deaths of his parents years before, and he both repels and fascinates Tristan. Thrown together by their work, the men come to realize that Evans House is haunted, and the ghost has plans for them that they cannot avoid. Even as they develop a bond that can only be called love, the house becomes Hell on Earth. They find that beneath the shadows of the house lies an evil that is much more threatening than just one ghost. As Tristan and Jake struggle for their sanity and their survival, they find that nothing – not even death – can stop love.

Shadows Beneath by Jesse Fox is a delightfully creepy novel that pits good against evil and love against hatred in a manner that can only be called cinematic. The action is almost non-stop, and the suspense builds at a fast pace, and while the tone of the novel can be overly melodramatic at times, it somehow suits the story. Shadows Beneath has a lot of characters that add to the story, and they are all well developed. Jake and Tristan are a little bit clingy and whiney, but given the stress that they are experiencing and the fact that an evil spirit is definitely out to get them, this reader was willing to cut them some slack. One of the characters is a murderer, and that fact adds a depth of mystery to what might be considered only a ghost story. The mystery is well shielded, however, and while this reader had inklings of “whodunit,” the truth is not revealed until the end. This reader also appreciated the fact that there are no annoying red herrings thrown in to confuse matters. Overall, Shadows Beneath is a compelling read, and readers who enjoy the suspense and paranormal should enjoy this novel.

Reviewed by: Whitney