Touch Me Not

As a young girl, Sadira Montgomery is able to see others’ auras. In an isolated incident, she is seen healing a tortured stray cat and was from then on called hurtful names. Now, she’s put her past behind her and now calls herself Montgomery “Monty” Jones, a successful, award-winning talk show host whose fame and fortune has surpassed her wildest dreams. Through all her success, however, she’s still missing something in her life, something that completes her. Perhaps it’s love, but it might just be an acceptance of her ability to heal, something she’s long ago pushed to the back burner.

Dr. Luke White Eagle is also a healer. A long-time friend of Monty’s grandmother, Eloise, he watches her beautiful granddaughter on television with her, each day feeling a kinship he can’t deny. When Monty arrives in the picturesque, spiritual Sedona, Arizona, to help her grandmother heal from a nasty fall, Luke tries to help Monty come to terms with her gifts. No matter his efforts, she still holds back and he realizes that he might be able to show her the importance of her gifts but he can’t make her accept them. Acceptance of herself, and trust of another, is something she can only do on her own.

Shannon Emmel has created a wonderful story of one woman’s journey from acknowledgement of her own powers to acceptance of its role in her life. Monty’s full realization that her friends and being true to herself far outweigh the opinions of others is her greatest task in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of wonder and awe the main character experienced when she opened her eyes to see the spiritual at work in her own life and in the world around her. I also enjoyed seeing her mind open to her talents, talents that far surpass simple aura readings. Touch Me Not is a fabulously engaging, thought provoking and entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Bella