Under Cover of the Night

Club Nuit is a typical, high-class strip club—with two differences. The first is that the clientele are women who flock to the club not only for the eye candy on stage but also for the sexual escapades that happen upstairs. The second difference is that the male strippers are all secretly sexual vampires.

Carlotta Wilkes is living in a loveless marriage with a neglectful, but possessive husband. A frequent patron of Club Nuit, Carlotta finds one of the gentlemen of the night, Ramon Montague, seductively handsome. Ramon has long been attracted to Carlotta but has kept his distance because of her marital status. Temptation being what it is, it’s only a matter of time before these two succumb to their desires, but will Carlotta still be just as attracted to Ramon if she discovers his true nature?

Under Cover of the Night is a story that takes the familiar strip club scene and gives it the paranormal spin of male strippers and female clientele: a perfect place to be for incubus, sexual energy vampires. At the beginning of this short story, Carlotta is almost meek, but as her courage grows, she becomes someone almost wild and empowered to seize her life, thoroughly impressing this reviewer. Ramon is seriously seductive and delicious, with a soft spot in his heart for this mortal woman, a trait that could melt even the most cynical of hearts. A brief read, but an entertaining respite from reality. 4 Angels.

Reviewed by: Bella