Hypnotic Hannah

Hannah just became a certified hypnotherapist, but she also has another skill and that is Ö. psychic. Hannahís friends threw a party to celebrate Hannah getting her certification. As the party dwindles the only people left are Hannah and five of her closet friends. Marina, the only other female left besides Hannah, asks Hannah if she has ever had sex with someone while they were under her spell. Before you know it everyone is having sex with each other both guys as well as women. It will be a night to let all your fantasies come true. Where there are many willing and sexy partners to choose from.

I do not typically read M/M and F/F type of books. I donít have anything against these stories just that they usually arenít my cup of tea. I always enjoy reading Cheryl Dragon. I have read almost all of her books. So when I saw Hypnotic Hannah I knew I had to read it even though it was out of my norm. I have to say that all the characters in this book were a favorite of mine in one way or another. Not one person stood above the rest which I liked a lot as everyone had equal parts throughout the story. So if you are looking for a quick read that rises above the rest and comes out on top (pun intended) than you need to pick up a copy of Hypnotic Hannah today.

Reviewed by: Cheryl