Service Call

Alex Coster travels to the planet Ruar. He works for Coster Artificial Assistance, a company that designs androids. Em DíAlyn sends for Alexís help. Much to Alexís surprise Em wants Alex to do some modifications to her droid. Em tells Alex she wants to be taught how to express her desires. The reason for his astonishment is because the people of Ruar donít have a sex drives. Alex agrees to help Em and he knows just the droid for EmÖ a Dom droid who gives orders vs. takes orders. First though, Alex needs to get up close and personal with Em in order for him to make sure her new droid is able to satisfy all of her sexual needs.

I canít imagine a place like Ruar; where the people have no sex drives. Luckily for Em, Alex was willing to pleasure her. Talk about outstanding customer service. I only have one word to describe Alex and that is stamina. Alex had so much stamina that I wondered if he was really real as well. He was like the Energizer bunny; he just keeps going and going and going. Nothing brings two worlds closer together quicker then hot, steamy, long-lasting sex. Service Call was out of this world. The best thing about reading a Cheryl Dragon book is that I never have to worry about it letting me down. I look forward to reading many more books by Ms. Dragon.

Reviewed by: Cheryl