On Wings, Rising

On Wings, Rising is the first book in the Encounters series

Dinun and his people are descendants of full blooded humans and the native species called Angels. They are the result of long forgotten technological experiments that fused the two species DNA and created their race. One day while out doing his job, Dinun discovers an injured Angel, and finds himself suddenly in the midst of an alien invasion, an invasion where full blooded humans from another planet have come to steal Angel babies. Dinun and Moon must race against time and bring their people together to defeat these invaders and rescue the children, including Moonís son, from becoming the subjects of horrible experiments.

Wow! I loved this book. This is only the second work Iíve read from author Ann Somerville, and I have to say itís made me want to read everything I can get my hands on that she has written. This novella sucked me in and refused to let me go. I actually had to stop and put it down for a bit because I didnít want to finish it too quickly. I fell in love with Dinun and his plight, an openly gay man in a small village where he is treated with less than respect, but he still holds his head up and does his best. Moon was wonderful as an Angel, one of the original inhabitants of the planet. Ann Somerville used such descriptive language that I had no trouble at all depicting Moon or Dinun in my imagination. The plot was inventive and the culture of both Dinun and his people and Moonís people were well constructed and intriguing. I was thrilled to find that Ms. Somerville is writing another book in the Encounters series, and I canít wait to find out more about this fascinating world. There was so much going on in this story that Iím surprised that Ms. Somerville managed to get it all in, and have it be cohesive and coherent and still be a novella. I would have loved to spend another hour with Dinun and Moon and all the secondary characters that I met and loved along the way. I highly recommend On Wings, Rising to all lovers of sci fi and m/m romances.

Reviewed by: Hayley