Broken Pentacle

A year ago Sky and Alec escaped from a fate worse than death; at the hands of her former lover they endured torture and rape. The scars on their bodies are nothing compared to the ones on their minds and hearts but the bond they formed will be the one thing they need to defeat the man who plans to destroy everything that is good. Agreeing to help draw Jaimis out into the open they team up with Zach, the three of them must form a bond strong enough to rival any magic Jaimis has gained by his dark magic practices. With Skyís magic damaged and Alec lacking confidence, itís the support of Zach and the love that grows between them that will be the foundation of a combined power that might just stop a rogue witch from killing again.

Broken Pentacle is the sequel to Natureís Pentacle but is a standalone story. Eden Rivers again delivers a dark tale of magic gone bad and the witch community that is forced to fight one of their own. This book is not for anyone with a queasy stomach, the violence is graphic and coupled with the very explicit sex scenes could offend some readers. Ms. Rivers has again proven to me her books are worth buying, with her complex world of magic and her graphic words she paints a tale so enthralling I was sad to reach the end. Donít be fooled, sheís just as graphic when it comes to emotions, delving deep into the wounded souls of two people who really should never have survive their ordeal. Sky and Alec have bonded on a level that no one else could possibly understand but Zachís past with Alec, and his growing connection with Sky proves to be the perfect counterbalance for these two scarred individuals. Ms. Rivers delivers a villain so evil and demented while at the same time extremely intelligent, Jaimis is the ultimate bad guy, one with power beyond imagining. Broken Pentacle combines action, sex and a human connection that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Ms. Rivers certainly knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat and Iím more than looking forward to her next book, Iím waiting with bated breath.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.