Hungry For More

Amy Burns is searching for her spirit voice, the one that whispers the name of a personís one true love whenever Amy touches them. Now sheís got word that another Gypsy has her spirit voice and she wants it back. Having spent years conning people out of things Amy doesnít think itíll be that hard. But the Gypsy sheís after has disappeared and Amy is forced to hang around longer than she ever has before. The longer she spends working for James LaChance the stronger her attraction to him grows, but Amy is determined to resist him because if James is her own one true love Amy will lose her spirit voice forever.

Chef James LaChance lives and breathes Les Fleurs, his only interest in Amy is the way she inspires mouthwatering recipes like no other woman. Heís never created such brilliance without touching a woman before and this Gypsy inspires with just a look. Keeping her around is all about the food not the fact that heís beginning to crave her as much as the three stars he hopes his culinary masterpieces will gain him. Besides, Amy has secrets, a hidden agenda and a heart she has no plans to give to anyone. Can they create a menu to die for without their hearts getting involved?

Hungry For More is the third book from Diana Holquist, and Iíll be honest I didnít like Amy. She rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning but at the same time I was so intrigue by her that I couldnít put the book down. For Amy itís all about the con, taking what she needs and moving on. She never allows anyone too close and taking what she needs from them is all sheís after. With a skill that is enviable Ms. Holquist delivers a character that I love to hate. I didnít want her to find her spirit voice but at the same time I wanted James to break through the brick wall around Amyís heart. From the second James stepped on the page he dominated, his charisma leaps from the pages and even with his brash attitude you canít help but be drawn in by him. The sparks between James and Amy fly as soon as their eyes meet and thereís no way those sparks arenít going to start a fire. The dance these two take throughout the book is enthralling and Ms Holquist has enlisted a supporting cast that is just as intriguing and full of life as the hero and heroine. The excitement of restaurant life and the many dramas that go along with it add to a story more than worth picking up. Iím off to grab Ms. Holquistís other titles because after reading this one sheís left me Hungry For More.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.