Insatiable Desire

Psychic Clarissa King has spent her life talking to the dead. Like her mother before her, she struggles to help those that canít pass on but when a killer starts targeting young women Clarissa knows she must face the one thing she fears most; losing her mind. When a man from the past arrives in town to help uncover a killer she faces an even bigger challenge, itís not just her sanity thatís at risk because Vincent Valtrez is the one man that could take her heart.

Vincent Valtrez has spent years running from a past he doesnít understand or remember. He chases down killers because he knows how to get into their minds, knows how they think and feel, because the dark forces swirling inside Vincent are the same. Returning to his hometown is not something he wants to do but he knows if anyone can stop a killer he can. Heís not prepared to face the biggest temptation of his life or the need to protect her at all cost. But the most deadly threat to Clarissa could very well be Vincent himself.

Are either of them strong enough to face the inhuman threat to not just themselves but life as they know it?

Insatiable Desire is the first book in The Demonborn series by Rita Herron and as a beginning it goes off with a bang. Ms. Herron has created a world of good and evil that intrigues and captivates. She had me on the edge of my seat, turning pages and holding my breath. The spark between Vincent and Clarissa is instant and as they struggle to ignore it the tension mounts. With a killer on the loose, one that isnít entirely human, they need to work together to stop the evil that threatens the town. But the evil has an agenda all its own; it wants Vincent, and itíll use anything it can to claim him. Including Clarissa. Iím a fan of Ms. Herronís suspense novels but with Insatiable Desire sheís taken herself to the top of my Ďmust buyí author list. The darkness in this book is nail-biting, heart palpitating, edge of your seat inducing action and even though I knew Iíd be taking a second look at everyone I meet from now on I couldnít put the book down. Ms. Herron weaves the good and evil inside Vincent with such skill that you find yourself wanting to love him and kill him in equal measure and itís easy to see that Clarissa could be either his downfall or salvation. From beginning to end Insatiable Desire grabs you by the throat and doesnít let go, taking you on a wild ride that leaves you breathless but satisfied. Iíll be waiting with bated breath for the second book in this great new trilogy.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.