Lily Blossoms

Lily’s life is good. She’s raised her son on her own while running a successful flower shop, Lily’s Blossoms. To her hometown of Summersville she’s quiet, conservative and an upstanding member of the community. What no one knows is that late at night Lily leads another life, as Ms. Lillian she pens erotic romance novels, very popular novels. The fact that Lily herself would never attempt any of the daring things her characters do has never bothered her before but now she finds herself with a list of research for some for their more daring escapades. When Carson uncovers her list and her secret she’ll do anything to keep him quiet, the last thing she expects is for him to offer himself as her research partner. The man is hot, could have anyone he wants and is eight years younger than her, what could he possibly see in her? Having lusted after him for years Lily isn’t about to turn him down but can she keep her heart from getting involved? And why is Carson acting like he wants more than no strings sex?

Lily Blossoms is book three in N.J. Walters’ Summersville Secrets series. As I’ve come to expect with Ms. Walters’ books, I found myself drawn into a world of her making from the very first page. Her characters are alive and well, with little effort you picture them and their lives in vivid colors. Lily is no different, the quiet, independent, dependable woman with a secret, a secret that Carson will use to get what he wants; Lily. If you’re going to have a guy pursue you this is the one you want. Sexy, young and not just after his own pleasure, Carson may have an ulterior motive but it’s not one you’ll hate him for. Armed with Lily’s list of erotic fantasies to research this pair steam up some windows, get your pulse racing and your palms sweating. Ms. Walters does a great job with this story of older woman younger man and with the small glimpse of Summersville she’s given me I’ll be heading back there very soon. I feel like I’ve missed out by not reading the first two books in the series and I’ll be fixing that right away. Lily Blossoms is another great story you won’t want to miss from this very talented author.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.