Sensual Spell

Noelle Bridges is a witch; she’s also naked in the bed of man she doesn’t remember, a man that happens to be sixty-eight years old and past his use by date. If being in bed with a dead man isn’t bad enough, Noelle’s now faced with the very sexy, very angry dead man’s nephew, and he’s not letting her go until he gets them.

Jacob Sanders doesn’t believe one word that comes out of the naked, sexy woman in his uncle’s room; well not until she just disappears in front of his eyes. Once he starts listening he finds himself not only believing her but wanting her. Jacob and Noelle, with the help of her very unconventional relatives discover the mystery behind his uncle’s death and something neither of them expected to find.

Sensual Spell by Rachel Carrington is a great mix of mystery, romance, lust and laughter. Noelle is not the best of witches and with some of her spells going just a little off I found myself laughing and turning pages in a hurry to see what she’d do next. Jacob is one hunk any woman would want to get hold of, witch or not. Noelle’s three aunts are a barrel of laughs, what with the rather hung-over Emmie, the timid Jasmine, and the peace-making Heart; you’re in for a treat. And Ella, Noelle’s cousin and instigator of Noelle’s problem ends up in some trouble of her own when the aunts dish out punishment in an interesting way. Sensual Spell delivers an afternoon of erotic comedy without leaving any of the romance behind.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.