Stoneís Soul

Geologist Jordynn Harrison has never seen anything like the strange gem she finds on the rim of Mauna Kea volcano, peridot stones arenít supposed to conduct heat but her hand burns every time she holds the unusual stone. Not to mention the rest of her body. When Jordynn starts dreaming of an ancient Hawaiian warrior, one that knows and fulfills her wildest fantasies, she has to wonder if the solitude of life on the edge of the volcano has sent her just a little crazy. The more Jordynn dreams of Kale the more real he seems, could he be real? Could the key to freeing the man of her dreams be in the stoneís soul?

Stoneís Soul by Lexxie Couper doesnít need a volcano to get you hot. Ms. Couper knows exactly how to get things heated up and this tale of an ancient warrior punished by a vengeful god brings fantasy and reality together with style. Jordynn is used to being a loner but when she starts seeing Kale the poor thing canít help but think she just might have gone off the deep end. What she thinks are fantasies from an overworked mind are anything but and Kale is one hot man, whether flesh and blood or not. Kaleís slowly recovering senses bring glimpses of a man who once walked the earth and who deserves to again. Each encounter gets hotter and as they slowly discover the truth about each other the possibility of a future seems within their grasp. Ms. Couperís Stoneís Soul is one hot little book without the volcano backdrop, more than worth grabbing a copy.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.