Tequila Truth

The rules of the game are simple, take a shot of Tequila, ask a question and only the truth is allowed. Three times a year, on each of their birthdays these housemates and best friends play Tequila Truth. Only this birthday is different, this time the answers have sparked fantasies and desires long ignored. This birthday the game will change everything.

The truth can be a scary thing, especially when it opens your eyes to something you’ve long denied. Colt, Heath and Kylie have been roommates and best friends since college; they know everything about each other and value the friendship they share too much to ever cross over the line, even if they’ve thought about it. When Heath poses the question “What is your ultimate sex fantasy?” on his twenty-fifth birthday he sets in motion a change that will make or break the bond they’ve all shared for years. Tequila Truth is one hot read; you definitely need to have a cool drink handy. Mari Carr tantalizes before we even make it into the bedroom, but once we’re there she cranks up the heat. The friendship between Heath, Colt and Kylie is deeper than any of them realize and when they take things over that line they’re all left with the fear of what will happen after their weekend of no-holds-barred sex. Ms. Carr does a great job of bringing the emotion and sexual aspects of this triangle together, with words and actions she leaves nothing uncovered and by the time you put the book down you are more than satisfied with the way things turn out. The sex is hot and the weekend might all be about fantasy but Ms. Carr weaves the emotions our three characters go through into every word, every touch and every breath. Tequila Truth delivers everything I love about erotic romance, a love story I want to be part of and sex hotter than any fantasy I could come up with.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.