The Hussies - Sin In Jeans

If ever there was a man to tempt Dale to indulge in a one night stand its Tyler Austin. Yep, this cowboy is one hot number and the words ‘sin in jeans’ fit him perfectly. Dale’s too old to indulge in such reckless behavior-she might be in town to see a man about a horse but she’s got no intention of taking the ride of her life. She never expected Tyler would have other ideas or that fate had a plan all its own.

The Hussies series just keeps on delivering great stories and Sin In Jeans is no exception. Ciana Stone has a way with words; every one counts and paints a vivid picture for the mind’s eye. Tyler is one hot cowboy but don’t be fooled by the second half of that word because Tyler is all man. He knows what he wants and what he’s capable of and certainly isn’t afraid to speak either out loud. His honesty only adds to his appeal and Dale can easily be forgiven for falling for temptation. Dale isn’t your usual heroine, she’s blunt, honest and nothing much scares her off. She might have been reluctant to get sidetracked by Tyler but once she’s made up her mind she jumps in with both feet. Ms. Stone incorporates the Hussies legend into Sin In Jeans with ease and with her skills at combining love and lust yet again bringing us a great read it’s no wonder I snap her books up as soon as they’re released. You never fail to get a hot read when you pick up a book by Ms. Stone and if you like cowboys you’re in for a real treat because she writes them hot. But be warned, this particular ‘sin in jeans’ is hot enough scorch your eyelashes.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.