The Long Road Home

Georgia McCassey never meant to stay. All she wanted was one look at the men that were the only family she had before moving on. She knows the McCassey brothers would never let her in their lives; never allow her to be around their families. She may have been forced to spend the last four years living the way she had but even at the tender age of nineteen Georgia knew what she was; an addict and a whore. Getting caught spying on them is the worst thing to happen to her. Or is it?

Blackie, Judd and Rebel might not have known they had a little sister but now that they do there’s no way they’re letting her go, no matter what she is. They’ve all been on the receiving end of their father’s sadistic ways but nothing he ever did to the boys comes close to what he did to Georgia. But the McCassey brothers are at a loss when it comes to helping her fight her demons. If they could use their fists or their guns it wouldn’t be a problem, but Georgia’s problems aren’t that easy and bringing in an outsider is the last thing they want to do.

Wade Pickett agreed to help his cousins never expecting Georgia to be anything more than another addict he helped recover. But Georgia is more than Wade ever imagined she would be. Her survival alone is a miracle, but her strength and determination to get her life back draw Wade deeper into a whole he never thought he’d be part of again. Loving Georgia may very well be the death of him because if her brothers find out they won’t think twice about killing him.

The Long Road Home is the final book in The McCassey Brothers series by Lauren Sharman. This book is a standalone and I haven’t read the first three books so I can genuinely say it does just that. Ms Sharman tackles some very tough subjects in this tale and she does it brilliantly. Her portrayal of Georgia and her very dysfunctional family pulls you in and even though we’re dealing with drugs, firearms, murder and lawbreakers you find yourself liking them. Georgia’s struggle to overcome her addiction is heart wrenching both during her withdrawal and after. This young girl has suffered worse than anyone should have to but still shows her inner soul to be anything but dead. While not a traditional romance, The Long Road Home is a story of love, a love of family and all that we do to protect what’s ours.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.