The Preacher’s Daughters: Wild Chaote

Rebecca Chappel has always been the dependable one, the sensible one, so when she gets a little drunk and dabbles with some dark magick she just wants to forget anything ever happened. But when disaster strikes and she’s rescued by a naked man who fits the bill of the ‘man to show me what I’m missing in life’ she tried to conjure Becky has to wonder if her leg is the only thing she damaged in the storm.

Dark magick and dark needs come together in an explosion of sensual and emotional discovery in The Preacher’s Daughters: Wild Chaote. Sheri Gilmore uses the aftermath of a hurricane for a setting and with the picture she conjures with her words I found myself on the verge of tears. Weaving her tale in and around the devastation such a storm inflicts is nothing short of heart wrenching, the way she mirrors the emotional destruction with the physical is brilliant. The way Becky showed her strengths and weaknesses while struggling to overcome the difficulties in front of her bring her to life and it was very easy to connect with her. When she’s rescued from a dangerous situation by a naked man without a memory she thinks he’s a survivor of the storm as well. As the pieces start falling into place Becky realizes he’s the servitor she summoned in a moment of weakness and desperation. But Ben is more than what he seems and has many dark secrets of his own, ones that could very well destroy Becky’s already shattered heart. Ms. Gilmore takes us on a journey into the aftermath of a hurricane that is nothing compared to the dark forces that are determined Becky doesn’t survive. Ben’s willingness to sacrifice himself to keep her safe demonstrates what we’re willing to do for the ones we love.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.