Last Chance Upon a Murder
When an ancient rite is revised in modern times and takes the paths of a lonely woman and her unusual destiny and crosses it with that of a lonely ancient paranormal shifter, the unimaginable may become real. Either the two very different kinds of being will find peace together, or they will forever be alone. Only the fates know the answer.

This story is wonderfully creepy and weird. A human Goth woman with a thing for crows and not much else is lonely and looking for the other part of her soul. A strange male shifter that is just as lonely may hold the other half of her soul, but they are so very different, from different kind of species, that bringing them together may only cause more pain and not be a solution. The tale is dark and eerie, like a spooky ghost story on a stormy night, but very creative. I enjoyed the story, but it is short. I feel that I cannot tell much about this tale without taking away from the impact of the story, because it should be read with few clues as to what to expect. If you like eerie and dark creative tales, take a chance on this book; you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.