Our Man Friday

Cassidy has loved Ian since the moment they met. His then relationship gave the two time to know each other without the complications of sex. Now, years later, they share a business and home but have decided to not share their bed Ė again. Once bitten, their relationship changed, and both are set on not complicating their friendship again. It will take Kye, a stranger with a bit of baggage of his own, to show them the intensity of their love.

Cassidy and Ian have a love that everyone around them saw, but they were to scared to acknowledge. Ianís past relationship and his upbringing have him a bit gun-shy when it comes to commitment, and Cassidy has no desire to walk down the isle to enter into marital bliss. Kye is a free spirit who, with a gypsy mentality, loves freely. And while he tries to not leave broken hearts in his wake, he canít say heís escaped unscathed from past flings. After reading more of the story I found out that Kye didnít really need Cassidy or Ian the way they thought. He needed a place to heal his heart and to discover the true meaning of love. Our Man Friday is just one example of Ms. Claire Thompsonís fantastic writing style. She doesnít just hand you a story with erotic scenes that require ice and a fan but delivers real human situations for personable characters.

Reviewed by: NeNe