Angel Gets Her Wings

Angel is no ordinary girl. She is an angel-in-training waiting for wings. She must complete some tasks in time for Christmas to earn those wings. Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to help someone than to help them lose their virginity and gain some sexual experience. She plays matchmaker by setting up a nerdy, yet sexy, computer guy and a witchy stewardess. After some good old interference and a little magic, she has completed her first mission. The computer guy gets off the plane and finally proposes to his wife-to-be. Then the grouchy stewardess realizes she has screwed up yet another good relationship for herself by sleeping with the wrong guy.

The man done wrong, Sean, decides to spend Christmas alone after witnessing his girlfriend being unfaithful. Angel knows she just can't resist the poor hunk, so she wheedles a ride out of him in hopes of it leading to something more. Right away, the sparks really fly between Angel and Sean. Sean is still a little uncomfortable, hopping from one relationship to the next. Angel understands how he feels and gives him a little space. A funny series of events leads them back to Sean's place, where they share dinner and more.

Angel Gets Her Wings is a quirky story about an angel in need of wings. An added bonus to the story is Angel's cherub friend, Celeste. I hope she gets her own story as well. The women characters, so confident and strong, were exactly what I needed. Parts of the story had me hot and bothered, and at other times, I was seriously cracking up. I love a good book that has a great storyline and adds in a little humor and some spicy love scenes. And I'd say that is exactly what Ms. Duarte has accomplished with this one. I was blessed to have come across such a great work of fiction. I am already itching to find other books that Ms. Duarte has written.

Reviewed by: Pamela