A Question Of Trust

Madeline Jones might not love Gabriel Carter, but she trusts him. So when Gabe introduces his best friend and offers to fulfill her wildest desire with the help of Connor, Maddie knows he’ll take care of her. With sparks flying between all three, Maddie’s night of indulgence looks set to be a scorcher.

But what happens when lust turns to love and threatens to destroy the trust between them all? Walking away seems to be Maddie’s only option.

A Question Of Trust by Jess Dee is part of the Ménage and More Anthology, and it certainly is more. This isn’t just a book about three people getting it on; it deals with the difficult emotions involved when someone in the triangle steps over the line. Sure, there are some really steamy sex scenes, and you’ll want a cold drink close by when you read this story, but that isn’t all you’ll get. Love and trust go hand in hand, except when loving someone could destroy the trust of another, and Ms. Dee has woven the issues of trust, love, honor and guilt over betraying another beautifully. At times, she had me wondering how anyone would come out of this in one piece. A Question Of Trust deals with the good and the bad of a ménage without neglecting any of the messy emotions. Ms. Dee takes us into the minds and hearts of Maddie, Gabe and Connor with depth and skill, leaving us with no unanswered questions as to how they get their happy ending. For a quick satisfying read, don’t miss A Question Of Trust.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.