Taking Tara

Ayden is through watching. For six months he’s fantasized about taking his next door neighbor, never confident enough to ask her out. Now she’s kicked her latest man to the curb, he’s ready to be someone he’s not to get her attention. But is he ready for all that Tara makes him feel or will she eat him up and spit him out like all the rest?

Tara’s tired of the usual men in her life. She’s definitely gone through her share of frogs with no Prince Charming in sight. But when a new neighbor corners her in the lift and asks her fantasy, she’s intrigued enough to tell him. She wants to be taken, tied up and pleasured beyond compare. What will Tara do when this stranger grants her wish?

Taking Tara had me laughing from the first page. Alyssa Brooks has mastered the mix of comedy and sex brilliantly. Tara is a crack-up and had me smiling at her take on her own life and dramas. She’s a complex woman, on the outside brash and in control but on the inside there’s a softer woman who just wants to be loved. Ayden is not your average nerd either. He’s more than ready to play games to get Tara, and once he starts there’s no stopping them. The pages sizzle in your hands and you’d be wise to have a fire extinguisher handy when you’re reading this sexy tale. Ms. Brooks’ style has won a fan in me, and I’ll be hunting up her other work.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.