Wicked Garden

Billy Buchanan is back. After ten years, Eden LaCroix is facing the man who ran out on her. The desire from years ago is still there for both of them. And it seems that Billy is more than willing to take up where they’d left off.

Leaving Eden was a bad move, one Billy hopes he’ll never do again, but even with the sparks between them heating up can, he hold on to her when he holds the fate of her job in his hands? And just how close are Eden and her rock star lover?

With two gorgeous men showing her attention, Eden finally sees the beautiful woman she is. But will the knowledge give her the courage to go after the love of her life, or will she lose him again?

Two things are always certain with a Lorelei James book. One, they’re smokin’ hot. Two, they’re emotionally charged. Wicked Garden is no exception. Ms. James is a storytelling master, and I no longer read the blurbs for her books. If her name is on it, I’m buying it. Eden is an independent woman who stands to lose all she’s worked for at the hands of her high school sweetheart. Add to that she still craves him, and you’ve got one highly charged volatile situation. Billy has one thing on his mind: winning Eden back. His struggle with his professional integrity over Eden’s job adds yet more to this engaging story. Neither of them can keep their hands off the other, and when Eden’s lover Jon White Feather passes through town, things turn combustible. Ms. James has yet again cemented her place on my must-buy list. Wicked Garden delivers on all fronts and is more than worth getting your hands on a copy.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Rachel C.