Back for More

Steve Calloway and Alex Mather were best friends in high school. They were both gay, and Steve always had a yen for Alex, but Alex never let Steve get close to him that way. Their friendship remained platonic, while Steve slept his way through every gay, bisexual, and even sexually confused guy he could find. Ten years later, Steve has finally admitted and gotten treatment for a sexual addiction, and he has come to Alex for help understanding the cause of his addiction.

Alex is a therapist who specializes in past life regression. He has loved Steve ever since high school but pushed Steve away because he didnít want to become just another notch in his friendís belt. He understands Steveís past lives because he was there and shared in those lives. The regression sessions that he guides Steve through will open Steveís eyes to the love he has for Alex. They will thrill himÖand they will terrify him beyond belief. Because not only have Steve and Alex been lovers in the past, but they have suffered together, and they have died together as well.

Cheryl Dragonís Back for More takes the reader on a foray into the world of past life regression. Those who have ever had any interest in past lives will find this to be an intriguing and well-written story. As the sessions begin, we know that several of the lives that Steve is going to re-experience will be tragic; however, we are in suspense as to what exactly he and Alex have lived through in the past. When those lives are revealed, they are not particularly pretty, but they are definitely intriguing. Ms. Dragon does a great job slowly revealing the cause of Steveís addiction through several of these regression sessions. The reader has the opportunity to experience the joy and horror of these lives right along with Steve, which gives the story quite an emotional impact. After what these two have gone through in the past, one cannot help but root for Steve and Alex to finally find love and peace together. Altogether, Back for More will make you believe in love and fate and the possibility of combined destinies.

Reviewed by: Whitney