His Hearth
In a society where most want instant gratification, some still choose to work hard for what they achieve, what they earn, what they will possess. Each treasure is worth sacrifice and should come at a cost. Let it be through sweat or sacrifice. Julian Nash is that type of man. He's just earned a huge promotion and is ready to celebrate his latest accomplishment. Witnessing his date cheating on him dampens the moment until Ryan Dean enters the picture. Julian met Ryan through work and allowed rash judgment to wrongly categorize Ryan for his actions. But within a matter of hours, Julian will see the truth and will become His Hearth. His arms will be a safe haven for Ryan to gain peace, to recharge, and find love.

Mary Calmes has once again struck gold. Her latest well plotted release is filled with passionate, charismatic characters that left me begging for more.

Julian's work ethic coincides with every aspect of his life. His desire to take his time, do things right the first time, and earn what he deems his play a major roll in professionally and personally life. When Ryan finally allows his true nature to emerge Julian knows he judged him wrongly and is elated by what he sees. There's one moment where it clicks for Julian and he knows Ryan is all he wants. He's ready to possess, mark, and claim him and he has no desire to let him go. To have someone truly recognize that you have the qualities to be theirs forever was a powerful moment. When Ryan's secret is revealed I was worried about Julian's reaction and was ecstatic when he just went with the flow. Granted it was a big obstacle but it wasn't one that a man with Julian's characteristics couldn't overcome.

The sex is mind blowing. Each encounter is more sensual than the former. I went through a few glasses of cold water for this story. There's a great deal packed in less than 200 pages. I'm hoping for a sequel to this story. Those who are new to the author will be impressed by this author's style while fans are going to be in for a treat.

Reviewed by: NeNe