Tooth & Nail
Tooth & Nail by Mary Calmes is a homoerotic paranormal romance.

Malic and his friends appear to be average guys out for a good time, but in reality they are warders, demon killers. Each city has one sentinel who is in charge of five warders who protect humanity from demons. Malic is usually into one-night stands because the very kiss and touch of a warder on most humans is deadly. There are a small number of humans, called hearths, who are compatible with warders and for Malic the danger for others isn't worth the risk. His fellow warders are happily settled down with their hearths, but it just isn't for him. One night, Malic is out with his friends and he intervenes when some guy is getting beaten up and he sees the most beautiful man, Dylan, dressed as an angel. Dylan tells Malic that now that he has saved his life he has to keep him. The only thing Dylan thinks is keeping him from Malic is his being nineteen, but that isn't the whole truth. Malic is scared that he could hurt Dylan and is determined to keep his distance. Malic walks away with difficulty, but not before giving Dylan his phone number. Malic is pulled into a police case where a child, Sophia, was kidnapped from her home in broad daylight. Malic realizes instantly that Sophia being held by a demon and immediately goes to save her, but in the end needs assistance from his fellow warders. After Malic recovers enough to return to work, he learns that Dylan has been at his club every night for two weeks looking for him. Malic's hope to keep Dylan safe from his world blows up when Dylan is grabbed by an otherworldly entity determined to kill Malic. Will Malic and Dylan survive? Will Dylan finally get his wish to have Malic as his own?

Ms. Calmes has created a fast paced intricate story entwining paranormal in a contemporary setting. I fell in love with Malic because in spite of his bad-assed attitude he has a heart of gold. He was willing to stay alone for the rest of his life to keep Dylan safe. Fortunately for him, Dylan is made of sterner stuff and he saw beneath Malic's stern attitude to the loving man inside. I enjoyed how Dylan quickly burrowed into Malic's heart and even though he fought against it he couldn't fight his heart's desire. I enjoyed all the paranormal situations that Malic encountered and hope that their story isn't over yet. There are questions yet to be answered and I for one can't wait to read further stories about Malic, Dylan and their friends.

Reviewed by: Teresa