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League of Seven
Seas: Dolphin's

Jaci Burton

Ellora's Cave


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League of Seven Seas - Dolphin's Playground

Jasmine has a deep, abiding love of the ocean and all of its creatures. Her wildest fantasy is to be able to join the dolphins in the sea. When several dolphins beach themselves, Jasmine will do everything in her power to save them. Even working with a man that absolutely infuriates her, while as the same time sets her ablaze with desire.

Triton is from Oceana and is the guardian of the dolphins. Many of his kind are ill and he has been working feverishly to cure them. Unfortunately, they beached themselves, ready to die, before he knew what was ailing them. He is left with no choice but to leave his ocean for land. Triton despises being on land. The only thing Triton hates more than being on land, are land females. His heart and soul are with the ocean; yet he'll do what he must to save his friends.

Triton and Jasmine are instantly attracted to one another, neither are pleased with the knowledge and attempt to bury themselves in work. When the attraction and sexual tension becomes too much, they spend an intense, passionate night together. Triton is immediately regretful and lashes out at Jasmine; Jasmine reels from his hurtful, callous treatment towards her. They can't be around each other without Triton saying something to hurt her. Even as he hears the words coming out of his mouth, Triton hates himself for hurting Jasmine. When they lose one of the dolphins, Jasmine is devastated. Triton realizes that she is different, she truly care cares for the dolphins. Again they fall into each other arms, both needing to be comforted. As they work towards the common goal of helping the dolphins, Triton realizes just how different Jasmines is and just how much he is becoming to care for her. When Jasmine happens upon Triton secret, will these two very different people find their way to each other and to love?

Dolphin's Playground is an exciting oceanic adventure. Jaci Burton uses remarkable details and ideals in this underwater story. She has crafted a unique and rich world that compliments the characters and storyline. She has created two characters that want the same things, but one is too stubborn to let his guard down. Jaci Burton spares no expense delving in to the desires and longings of her characters. The sexual tension between Triton and Jasmine leads to some highly erotic and passionate scenes. The plotline for Dolphin's Playground will draw readers in and hold them captivated as this story comes to an end. Dolphin's Playground is an excellent story! 5 Angels

Reviewed by: Jaymi

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