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Coiling Point

Lincoln Rogers

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Echelon Press


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Coiling Point

Coiling Point is the story of cowboy Eli Burke and Kicker, his faithful horse. Lincoln Rogers spins readers back into the days of the Old West as he details the “pardners” relationship between a horse and a man, and leaves readers gasping in shock at the turn this ride in the country takes.

This is also the story of a passion denied, the loss of something important, and how events can quickly careen out of control. Eli chronicles how he came to possess Kicker, tells how Kicker came to be called Kicker, reminisces about the woman who got away, and sees his life flash before his eyes. I’m not going to give this surprising ending away, and will only say that you’ll be emotionally moved in a major way. Kudos to Lincoln Rogers for giving us a little-encountered insight into the symbiotic existence of man and beast in Coiling Point.

Reviewed by: Michelle
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