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Second Chances

T.D. McKinney

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eXtasy Books


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Vampire Encounters: Second Chances

Samantha is in love – truly in love – but there’s only one problem: her lover is fictional, a character out of a vampire novel. She’s questioning the author’s motives when it comes to her beloved. It seems that Ms. Desiree has it in for devastatingly handsome vampire Cole Grayson and kills him off, much to Samantha’s dismay. So Samantha wishes things could be different, and that maybe she and Cole could have a happy ending of their own...

Vampire Encounters: Second Chances tells the tale of storybook characters come to life. From a hilarious shopping expedition on Rodeo Drive to his tender protection of her, you’ll be drawn into the relationship between Samantha and Cole. She’s dead set against giving herself completely to him – I mean, after all, he’s not real, right? He’s bent on cherishing her, screwing her brains out, and on not making the same mistakes he’s made before, as well as shielding her from the other dangerous characters in his “past”, including his slightly disturbed ex. T.D. McKinney puts her own unique and vastly entertaining twist on fictional heroes and the obsession fans have with them, making me ask myself when I can expect my own favorite hunky hero to come swooping in out of nowhere. Vampire Encounters: Second Chances is a wonderfully attention-grabbing story made only better by the strong and likeable characters. Excellent job, Ms. McKinney!

Reviewed by: Michelle
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